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Benefits of High Protein Peanut Butter

Benefits of High Protein Peanut Butter
Many people think that peanut butter is just limited to school lunch boxes, but that is not the complete thing.This versatile spread is very good for the health of adults also.Apart from a healthy dose of protein it is very rich in monounsaturated fats which prevents heart disease and does not get stored as body fat. It is helpful in weight loss,diabetes and Alzheimer.

Below mentioned are some of the benefits of high protein peanut butter 

It is very helpful for people dealing with the problem of obesity as it consist about 200 calories per serve. It has a good combination of fiber and protein that gives good amount of energy to the body for a longer period of time in a small quantity.

It is filled with nutrition. One serve of high protein peanut butter consist of around 4 mg of vitamin A which is a very powerful antioxidant, along with that it consist of around 50 mg of magnesium which plays a key role in bone-building. It also has vitamin B6 which increases immunity. According to a research it is seen that people who consume at least 2 tablespoon of protein peanut butter for around 5 to 6 days a week have 35% less chances of developing diabetes.

It also reduces the risk of gallstones.As we all know that our gallbladder plays a very important role in digesting fat from the diet we take.

It is very helpful in lowering down the risk of type 2 diabetes which is one of the most common form of diabetes also known as hyperglycemia. A survey shows that more than 10 million cases of type 2 diabetes arise per year in the country which is a huge number and a matter of concern.

People who do intensive workouts daily need more than 3000 calories daily. In that protein peanut butter is one of the best and cost-effective food product available in the market.

It is also a great source of potassium along with banana which is one of the most common fruit that comes in our mind when we talk about potassium. But the reality is that peanut butter contains higher amount of potassium than bananas. Potassium reduces the formation of lactic acid in our body and along with that it also lower down the harmful effects of a food product that contain excessive amount of sodium in it.

When we say about energy providing source of the body, carbohydrate comes in our mind but that is not the complete fact, fat also provide a good quality of energy to our body. The best thing is that peanut butter consist of a good amount of healthy fats and protein. When our body gets calorie in this form it immediately utilizes it and does not allow them to get stored in the body and because of it our body receives an instant energy boost. So it can be considered a good pre-workout fuel when consumed in small amount before going out for the workout.

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